TEEO, partner of ZIRI project as part of the deregulation of the electricity market

TEEO, partner of ZIRI project as part of the deregulation of the electricity market

TEEO, partner of ZIRI project

The ZIRI project (Integration Zone of Intelligent Network) aims to make the industrial area (Ecoparc) of Blanquefort an experimental territory for management of energy, waste and transport. Launched in January 2012 by Bordeaux Technowest, the ZIRI project will enhance this area and increase its attractiveness. It will increase the competitiveness of industrial and logistics companies present on the site.

ZIRI is a collaborative project between several players in the area and involves large dealers groups, SMEs and start-ups with innovative approach. It is funded by the Urban Community of Bordeaux, the Aquitaine Region, the city of Blanquefort and ADEME.

Specialist in energy management, TEEO working on many aspects of the project. The first phase of ZIRI is a state of play of the Ecoparc. As such, the diagnosis of the energy situation in the Industrial area was conducted by TEEO. The synthesis of all enterprise data has identified the recommendations and actions solutions.

Among these recommendations, the switchover on the electricity French deregulated market for medium and large sites. Indeed, the NOME law (New Organization of the Electricity Market) provides that any site with a subscribed power higher than 36 kVA sign a contract with a supplier (EDF or one of its competitors) on the deregulated market. It is essential to anticipate the switchover to the deregulated market structured for optimal conditions of purchase.

As such, TEEO proposed to the companies concerned to support them as part of a bulk purchase of electricity. By pooling their electricity volumes and by professionalizing their power purchase process, participants hope to have a competitive price and favorable contract terms. The management of the entire process (specifications, bid analysis, negotiations with suppliers) is provided by TEEO in collaboration with Bordeaux Technowest.

If bulk purchase is an important step to improve the competitiveness of companies in the Ecoparc, it is only the first step towards a centralized energy management: the deployment of Energy Management System (EMS). Based on the control of consumption and ongoing management of activities undertaken, a global EMS makes it possible to improve the energy performance of a site or facility and thus sustainably reduce energy bills.

More details are available on Sud Ouest.

TEEO est une société innovante, experte dans le management de l’énergie ( ISO 50001) et l’intégration de solutions. TEEO accompagne depuis 2009 les acteurs publics et privés vers la Transition Énergétique et Écologique par la gestion, la maîtrise et l’amélioration concrète de leurs performances énergétiques et environnementales.

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