DDADUE law and energy audit

DDADUE law and energy audit

DDADUE law and energy audit


The mandatory energy audit before December 5, 2015 under DDADUE law for large companies (more than 250 employees, annual turnover higher than € 50 million) should lead companies to consider the energy as an asset which must be managed and optimized. Audit and recommendations of energy efficiency resulting actions can accelerate awareness of the need to manage energy use and expenditures lastingly.

Arnaud Gheysens specifies that the gain in competitiveness related to energy efficiency actions is sustainable only if it is included in an Energy Management System based on continuous improvement as required by the standard ISO 50001. Any certified ISO 50001 company is also exempt from mandatory audit.

French energy regulatory environment is currently changing. DDADUE law and NOME law – which provides for the end of regulated tariffs for all sites with a subscribed power higher than 36 kVA (yellow and green tariffs, medium and large consumers) complicate the energy management and have a result in terms of competitiveness. A company that manages its consumption and uses, including through the establishment of a management information system of energy (SIME) may conduct and evaluate energy efficiency actions profitable, and also benefit from an optimized supply contract because it brings to the supplier guarantee of a controlled consumption profile. A company that manages its energy from sustainable and effective way has a real step ahead of its competitors.

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