ISO 50001 : TEEO supports E.Leclerc stores in their certification

ISO 50001 : TEEO supports E.Leclerc stores in their certification

ISO 50001 : TEEO supports E.Leclerc stores in their certification

Like other retail companies, E.Leclerc stores are increasingly involved in energy efficiency and energy management. As part of the “SEGA” project launched by TEEO in Reunion Island, twenty stores have implemented an automated solution for the collection and analysis of their energy consumption.

As the measure is the basis for an effective and dynamic power management, the next step for the subscribers of the “SEGA” project is to implement an Energy Management System (EMS).
It is in this sense that E.Leclerc shop in the city of Le Tampon in Reunion Island has been supported by TEEO in an ISO 50001 certification approach, obtained in April 2014. The benefit is twofold for the store: continuous improvement of energy performance and value of French Energy Economy Certificates multiplied by 2.
« TEEO solution particularly helped us in project management » Laval Ho Kin – CEO Leclerc Le Tampon. « With TEEO help, the ratio of energy consumption per m² of the store, one of the key performance indicators, significantly decreased. Energy expenses remained constant despite an extension of the store from 2500 to 3000 m². »
In Métropolitan France also, TEEO supports E.Leclerc in the establishment of an ISO 50001 certified EMS. Thus, the store in Roques-sur-Garonne in Toulouse was certified in December 2014. The goal is to establish, monitor, achieve and sustain ambitious targets to reduce energy bills in the coming years.

TEEO est une société innovante, experte dans le management de l’énergie ( ISO 50001) et l’intégration de solutions. TEEO accompagne depuis 2009 les acteurs publics et privés vers la Transition Énergétique et Écologique par la gestion, la maîtrise et l’amélioration concrète de leurs performances énergétiques et environnementales.

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